Indian New Wave, The : A Movement, A World, A Cinema (Bharatiy Cinema Ki Nayi Lahar)

A Young actor and budding filmmakers quest to understand the new wave movement in Indian Cinema, that flourished at a time and try to understand the reasons for the decline.

You Too can save Lives

Film depicts how first responders can save a life by starting CPR ( Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation ) promptly. The instructions and learning of CPR by rescuers in the film will aware the people and save lives.

Rise of The Studio System in Western India

The film traces the rise of the studios system from silent era till its golden period before World War II, when there was the transition from the cottage industry stage to an industrial one. After 1945 there was a decline due to various reasons.

Phulbasan Bai

This is a biographical documentary on the life of a women, Phulbasan, who has proved, beyond doubt that if a woman has the will, she can inspire of economic constraints, utter poverty, with no educational background social restrictions and opposition from every strata of society can not only achieve incredible heights but can also become the uptime of strength and inspiration for Lacs of women around her.

NM0592 : Mahendra Kapoor

Mahendra Kapoor has sung some of the most memorable songs of the Indian Cinema. His bhajans also had a unique flavour. This is a tribute to the man and his work.

Khalasis of malabar - Men who move mountains

There is a saying in Malayalam ‘Othupidichal Malayum Porum’. This translates as ‘team work can move mountains’. Anyone who has seen the Khalasis of Malabar region in action will feel the ring of truth in this saying. Watching the Khalasis at work is an amazing experience. The heavy objects they handle could be a ship to be launched or a huge girder weighing tonnes. The dexterity of the Khalasis ensures that the work proceeds steadily and smoothly. The simple tools they use are designed and put together by themselves according to the situation.

A Quiet Revolution-The Battle For Schools.

This film examines the journeys of some people from bonded labour to liberation and the policy of education as an instrument of social change.

Hum Dono-The Two Of Us

As the landscape of the city changes vetically, and the plush cars zoom by, an elderly couple who are notable artistes in their own right, find solace in each other's company and a dedication to feed the strays of the area and keep their surroundings green.

Light, Shadow and Me (V. K. Murthy)

A vetran cameraman of the black & white era. V. K. Murthy's collaboration with Guru Dutt resulted in many memorable films. He was a master of light & shadow and created many innovative techniques. in 2008 the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards was conferred on this Veteran Cinematographer who is the first Cameraman to receive the honour for his contribution to Indian cinema.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee

This film is a biographical film on the life and contribution to films of well known director - Hrishikesh Mukherjee.