Advaita of Sri Sankara and Swami Vivekananda

This film juxtaposes the Advaita tenets propounded by Sri Sankaracharya, with that of Swami Vivekananda, and in the process it takes the viewer on a detour of the Advaita Ashram, Mayabati in Himalayas, known as the Abode Of Peace for Swami Vivekananda, along with various other Ashrams, as well as Srinegri Sharada Math of Sankaracharya, Kalady and the other four Maths established in four corners of India-taking up the various tenets of Advaita propounded by each of them and throw more light on the principles of Advaita.

18 Feet

Film is on the story of Ramesh, a Dalit, who works as a bus conductor through the founding of a folk song band, struggles to celebrate his and the community's identity, amidst his daily struggles for existence.

Story of Binodini - A Text of Betrayal : Aamaar Katha

A documentary on the life and time of Nati Binodini ( 1862-1941 ) the pioneering Bengali stage actress and the first South Asian actress to write an autobiography; celebrating her 150th year, a film based on her autobiographies " Amar Katha " ( My Story ) and " Amar Abhinetri Jibon " ( My Life as an Actress ).

Silent Voices

"The film tries to dig into three young Bengali women's lives in respect of the sociological stand point and ' system ' of marriage.

Realizing Mahatma's Vision

"The film is about the role played by the weavers of chanderi town in preserving the art and tradition and the national integration and secular fabric they developed while continuing with their work.


Film shows people of Tripura have been provided with plotted unreserved forested area by " Patta ", a resolution passed by the parliament in 2006 to distribute land Patta among the people near the forests. These people succeeded in improving quality of the forests.

M.N.F. : The Mizo Uprising

The March, 1966 Mizo National Front uprising was a revolt against the Government of India, aimed at establishing a sovereign state for the Mizos. On 1st March, 1966, the Mizo National Front (MNF) made a declaration of independence, after launching coordinated attacks on the Government offices and security forces post in different parts of the Mizo district in Assam. This is a self narrated (protagonist) documentary film by a person who has spent his life being a MNF cadre; he relates his story, the incidents that has taken place during this Uprising.

Rise of The Studio System - Southern Region

The film documents the early history of South Indian Cinema studios, their way of working, transition from cottage industry to Hollywood influenced type of studios. The In-house employment given to artist, technicians and the methods of working.

My Baby Not Mine ( Meri Bebi Meri Nahi )

The film highlights the lives and journeys of surrogate mothers and their struggles with the motherhood.