Yeh Kahan AA Gaye Hum

Film is on Nida Fazli, Urdu Poet. We travel with him as he interprets for us the world that we have lost even as we rediscover our India through his poetic imagery.


A film on Aizawl, the " No -Horn-City " of India

Plastic World

In a vast and arid dystopian landscape of the future, covered in plastic waste, one man struggles to survive with his wife and dog. He scavenges a living in his world and they barely manage to survive. The only source of daylight comes pouring through a hole in the leaden sky which mountains of waste seem to lead up to and to the man this is a place of escape. One day he brings a fish home that he has scrounged from a plastic choked stream and after they feast on it, the dog dies, turning into plastic. His wife too displays the same symptoms.

A Passage in Time

Film is on historical progression & aesthetics of sculptural tradition of ancient Assam.

Ananthamurthy- Not A Biography But A Hypothesis

Dr. U. R. Ananthamurthy, renowned Kannada writer and winner of the Jnanapeeth Award, is a thinker of international repute, also widely recognized for his social activism. The film foregrounds the vision of his fiction and his reflections on Gandhian thought, socialism and diverse cultural issues that are explicated by critics and thinkers who have been interacting with him for several decades.

Asha Parekh - Jubilee Girl

A profile on achievements of the legendary actress of Hindi cinema, Asha Parekh covering a span, two decades of outstanding per formation on Indian screens.

Purwottar Ki Parwaz

This documentary is on forest of Assam-Kaaziranga. Birds are from other country visiting this forest during the season, their life style and methods applied for counting of birds. Heritage and conservation of birds is also reflected in the documentary.

Guru Hanuman Ka Akhada

The legendry wrestling coach Guru Hanuman's Akhada is the success story of Indian wrestling.

Koti Wale Superstar

The film depicts set amongst the sprawling mountainous region of Uttarakhand, India. Six children living under the belt of demonic possessions, illiteracy and strict traditions re-discover a power hidden to them all this while: Music.

Zooni Gur ( Ek Ankahi Gatha )

A Muslim Kashmiri woman Zooni Gur, who came out on the path of freedom struggle and sacrificed her everything to fight the Pakistani Raiders. After achieving the goal she went into oblivion without seeking any rewards.