Sax In The City

The film is set around an elderly musician and his fresh middle age student.

Vishw Manav Basaveshwar

A documentary film is on life of preaching of the great social reformer Jagajyoti Basaveshwar. He fought against casteism and set a social atmosphere in the universe.

The Green Army - Saviour of The Sylvan

The film delves into the discourse of the corresponding conditions that gave inroad & impetus to the formation of the unique conservation, rehabilitation & employment by the farmer militants of the Bodo ethnic tribe through building an ecotourism initiative in the Manas National Park a World Heritage Site of Assam. Film is on tourism, rehabilitation & employment in North East India.

Jai Ho

We celebrate our country's progress in all walks of life.

Baavra Mann- A Film on Sudhir Mishra and other Realities

This film is a full length documentary feature on the life and work of filmmaker Sudhir Mishra and using this prism to examine the declining creative and cultural scene in India. The film uses his imperfect filmography and trenchant self-critical worldview to throw some light on why fulfilling one's potential in this line of work can be such a tall order---but often a fun ride.

The World of Jatin Das

This film depicts the life and art of India's most colourful artist shri Jatin Das, who has been painting for the past almost five decades.

The Temple Nagaswaram

Nagaswaram is one of the oldest musical instruments, spanning both the temple-ritual context and the concert platform called the Mangala Vadhyam, it is also played in marriages and auspicious occasions.

The Pearl House of Satriya Culture - Majuli

Film is on Satriya Culture founded by Mahapurush Srimanta Sarkaradeva.

The Face Behind the Mask

A film celebrating Chhau Dance and one man's passion, Shashadhar Acharya to take us back to its old glory.