Her Theme of Freedom - Raj Begum - The Melody Queen of Kashmir

Like Jheluml, Raj Begum is unstoppable. Along taboos and tribulations this rebel obstinate ushered in a new freedom for women in Jammu and Kashmir. Raj Begum thawed the long frozen cultural heritage of Kashmir. She is a phenomenon in kashmir valley and has been singing over 5 decades. she reigned supreme from the era when broadcasting was only live. Her first teacher and guide was a pioneer, Qadir Langoo. Raj Begum sang Gulrez in Kashmiri in her unique soprano singing style, and made it immortal. at 89, Raj Begum sustains her urge to sing and learn. she is a single generation prodigy.

Sand Says Something

Sand Says Something is a short film on Padmashree Sudarsan Pattnaik. Who known as an International Sand Artist. Through his art form he give message and awareness to the society.

Vultures in Rani

With an aim to preserve the Vultures, captive breeding is propagated as a viable option. These big birds are now in grave danger of disappearing from the sky.


Pongal is the festival celebration of harvesting in Tamilnadu.

Kumbh Mela (Nasik - 2003)

Kumbh Mela - A sea of pilgrims and saints congregate at Nasik every 12 years for salvation.