This documentary illustrated and informative to educate and create social awareness on the life of Ostomates in India.

Rabhas of North East India- A Cultural Study

The vibrant and rich cultural life of the Rabha Tribe of North East India with emphasis on their dying language and sage.

Nainsukh - The Eyes Delight

Biographical film depicts the life and works of world renowned Pahari Master Painter Nainsukh of 18th Century in Pahari area of Himalaya.

Sleeping Cities

Trailing the lives of two men and a woman, Cities of Sleep takes us into the world of different improvised sleeping spaces and night shelters to provide an experimental portrait of a set of unique sleep practices in Delhi.

Begum Hazrat Mahal - The Last Queen of Avadh

Begum Hazrat Mahal was the first woman revolutionary of India's struggle for Independence.

Across The Hill

An Anthropological documentary is on the Mara tribes of Mizoram.

Puri an Ideal Village

This film shows how one village 'Puri' , at Dhamtari, (Chhattisgarh) made it possible to become an open defecation free Village due to the efforts of school children.

Lake Of Fleeting Lights

This documentary is an introspective journey in time with Joy Goswami, a leading Bengali Poet, through his writings, his memories and dreams. It explores the creative angst of a sexagenarian poet, settled in an urban milieu and in somewhat disconcerting time that provokes an existential dilemma in his self. Writing for more than four decades, poetry for Joy Goswami has always been a device for negotiating with his ‘self’ and ‘time’.

Earth Crusader

This film is based on an eminent architectural practitioner Mrs. Didi Contractor. She studies vernacular traditions, and is still involved in designing practical adaptations for contemporary sustainability, training young artisans and reviving local skills. Her projects include building over 16 homes, a community clinic a center for compassionate living, a craft market, a residential resort and the Sambhavana institute for public policy. She is known for architectural designs in Adobe that embody her evolving ethical, ecological and aesthetic values.

Breaking All the Way

The film is on the new emerging culture of boying amongst the new youth today, especially the underprivileged sections. While the documentary covers various elements within the hip-hop culture it largely tells stories of a few boys and explores their world of this very acrobatic style of dance. It also has a central character and all other stories and exploration into this new culture emanates from his story.