Armenians of Kolkata, The : An Anthropological History

The Armenians settled in Calcutta from the end of the 16th century. According to an estimate there are less than 100 Armenians in Calcutta now. The film takes glimpses into Armenians glorious past, their legacy, the present and future even though it might seem bleak.

Soumitra Revisited

This is a documentary film on the life and work of Shri Soumitra Chatterjee, a great film, theatre and literary personality and the favourite actor of Satyajit Ray.


In 1947, during the kabali invasion several pandit Kashmiri's left Kashmir. This film is tracing the roots, culture, history of one of those families through 3 generations at a wedding.

Mrinal Sen: Self and Cinema

This documentary highlight the life, works and achievement of Mrinal Sen.

Made In Heavens

This documentary explores the scenario of the overwhelming " come-back" of arranged marriages in the current generation who are busy in their hectic schedules of an all consuming corporate work culture.

Lohit Dairy

Behind the picturesque façade of Lohit Valley in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh hides a dark underbelly. Once traditional but now a cash crop, opium cultivation has brough prosperity to the Mishibi tribe. But the off shoot is drug addiction; its social and psychological upheaval. Three persons strive to reverse this trend in their own little way.


Abhinaya is a differently abled South-Indian Actress who is both hearing and speech impaired.

Paithani - The Royal Heritage

The film takes the viewers through the entire journey of creation, from raw material to finished product. It also shows human glimpses into the life of Paithani weavers.

Images / Reflections : A Journey into the Imagery of Adoor Gopalkrishnan

This film focuses on Shri Adoor Gopalkrishnan's film making style and idioms. This is achieved through the interviews and the clippings of his films. The film also brings into focuses the relationship between the folk arts of Kerala and films made by Adoor Gopalkrishnan.

52nd Merchant Navy Week Celebrations

Film on 52nd National Maritime Day Celebration in Mumbai.