Guru Babu - Man of Classical Manipuri Dance

Biographical documentary film based on life history of Guru Babu, classical Manipuri dancer.

Gandhi Dharam

Children and teenagers express the relevance of Gandhiji's philosophy in todays context.

Ek Kadam Aur

The film is about how the citizens are responsible for the garbage that accumulates around the garbage container kept on road. The outside garbage is thrown outside the garbage container. Proper use of garbage container can make our India clean.

Ecstasy of Gourd

A documentary on the making of musical instrument like sitar, tanpura, veena etc. using Gourd as the base.


Film is on Qawwali, a typical Indian form of Music. It traces the evolution of Qawwali from its modest begins nearly seven century. It is a devotional form of Music.

Asali Swarg

"The film portrays the story of an old lady who sold her goats to construct toilet for her family."

As you Sow, So you Reap (Kar Bhala Ho Bhala)

"People clean their premises and throw their garbage in their neighbour house."

Screen Addiction - Among Young Children

The information technology has brought the world to our door step. With the invention and advancement of electronic equipments, human beings social life has come to more or less a standstill. The film depicts how the harmful effects of watching and addiction to electronic screen right from small babies to teenagers and focused on finding the reason for addiction and effects of the addiction and alternative solutions.

Mr. Clean Comes to City

Film on civic sense-about to keep city clean.