Maskhar - A Jester in Bhand Pather

The Maskhara is an actor who entertains the most, locals knows him as a Bhand. Ordinarily an imitator is called a Bhand who is a jester, a joker and like a clown. He entertains through his actions, mime, wit, by making fun, satirical speech, and narrative jokes. The Maskhara has been derived from Arabic while Bhand has its origin in Sanskrit. In fact, it is impossible to perform a Pather (Kashmiri folk play without a Bhand (Maskhara -actor).

Blackboards and Scarecrows

Film is on discourse on the pedagogy of black boards.

Chalo Ad Banaye

Kiran undertakes a journey to discover the hidden talent in the common people. There is no shortage of talent in our country only there is a need to find it and encourage it.

Orchha Ka Vaibhav

The archaeological monument of Orchha & Bundelkhand treasures some of the most artistic, beautiful palaces and majestic temples, which are the core of discussion amongst people till today.

Pushkar Poornima

Pushkar Poornima an anthropological documentary explores the sacred desert lake city. The film is a contemporary look at an age old phenomenon. It brings out how Pushkar is much more than just other cattle fair.

Even Red Can be Sad

Ram Kumar began his career as a litterateur before he became acclaimed as a painter. This film explores the various aspects of Ram Kumar's personality both as a writer and painter, by structuring the film around his stories and paintings, travelling between fragments of his past, present, fiction and imagery. The film strives of etch out the synthesis of word and image in Ram Kumar's creations, presenting it as a portrait of the artist himself. The text used in the film is from various short stores by Ram Kumar.

Liquid Borders

This film is born out of the need to explore existing geographical and political boundaries of India, juxtaposed with human, emotional, spiritual bridges. India being a peninsula, the east, west and south are flanked by water. The north too is serrated by mighty rivers thus making it open, inclusive and accessible to our neighbours. The same adjectives interpreted in the political jargon means menace of porosity, infiltration & threat to security. The film is to engage, enthuse, envision a new -found look at liquid borders and bridges.

Chasing Tails

Munira ( early 30's ) lives in " bandra flat", a dense Muslim dominated slum in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Every night, at around 1 am, She can be seen walking through the desolate western express highway with a bag of food gently tucked on her back. Dogs and cats anxiouly wait for her along the footpaths and boundary walls. She feeds each one of them, talking to them, running her hand across their back to check for injuries and ticks. At times, she disappears into the dark crevices under the flyover. She reappears with a group of dogs around her. She resembles Piped Piper of Hamlin.

Tezpur 1962

Film highlighting the brave efforts of the members of Youth Emergency Organization to guard the Tezpur Town, Assam during the last three days of Chinese aggression of 1962.

Dancing Death Away

This documentary tells the story of a remote village in Purulia in eastern part of India. Crammed into a mini truck, a “Chhau Dancer’s “troupe (39 members), with large musical drums and delicate masks. Were travelling back to their village after a late night performance in nearby industrial town. The vehicle was speeding recklessly along the highway. It lost control killing 7 members of the troupe instantly gravely injuring the rest of the villagers took an oath to reconstruct the troupe as a tribute to the dead.