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A Temple of Learning

An informative film on the Bombay University Library and its marvellous collection of books, manuscripts, theses, dissertations, reference material, et al. 100 years old, this library was opened in 1880. In 1973, the University expanded the library facilities at its new campus in Kalina (Bombay) where Jawaharlal Nehru Library in a separate building has also been set up.

A True Report

This short documentary film shows in a very simple manner the 1969 harvest of paddy crop in the State of West Bengal, where it was are cord harvest - 63.50lakh tonnes, the biggest rice contribution to the National Food Basket.


"1. SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL: All England pays tribute to Sir Winston Churchill. Statesmen of the world and Queen Elizabeth of England attend the funeral service.
2. MARTYRS' DAY: January 30, 1965 - Martyrs' Day and the 17th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. At Rajghat, President pays homage to the Father of the Nation. A nation- wide two minute silence is observed.
3. LAJPATRAI CENTENARY: Prime Minister opens a memorial library-cum-community hall in the Dhudike Punjab, Lalaji's birth place.


"1. A DEDICATED LIFE: January 23 - birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose. Exhibition of photographs shows his life-history (Talkie).
2. WINDOW ON INDIA: Bharat Darshan - an Indian Industrial Exhibition in Kathmandu – opens a 'window on India'.
3. EXPANDING COMMUNICATIONS: P&K Week held recently all over the country. Service at the Trunk Exchange is facilitated by the system of booking by tickets.


THE SPIRIT REMAINS: People all over the country pay their homage to the mortal remains of Jawaharlal Nehru at nation-wide immersion ceremonies. At Shadipur near Srinagar the ashes are immersed at the confluence of the Jhelum and the Sind Nullah by the Sadar-i-Riyasat, Mr. Karan Singh. In Uttar Pradesh, the ashes are immersed at various points. Large crowds recalling other days when Jawaharlal Nehru was present with them as they watch the Jumna take the ashes. Homage’s all over the country and ashes scattered. In Delhi at Shantighat where the body of Mr.


"1. REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS: The two-day celebrations of the inauguration of the Indian Republic in Delhi culminated in a grand reception at the Moghul Gardens. Dr. Rajendra Prasad accompanied by Pandit Nehru walks into the garden and exchange greetings with the eminent guests including the President Soekarno of Indonesia. Functions in Bombay and Calcutta are also covered, participated by Governors and Chief Ministers. Delhi is very impressively illuminated.


"1. PANDIT NEHRU WITH PACIFISTS: Addressing the World Pacifists` Conference at Sewagram. He also delivered a convocation address at the Nagpur University.

A.B.C. of A.R.P.

Instructional film explaining, how to maintain blackout during of emergency and road safety.

Drought Prone Area Programme

The film describing the new strategy that aims at improving the living conditions of the people in drought prone areas. This strategy is a multi-disciplinary programme in agriculture and its allied sectors including livestock, fisheries and forestry.

Badshan Khan

A biographical film is on Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan (Badshah Khan). He was also lovingly known as the Frontier Gandhi. This film highlights Badshah Khan's visit to India, when he came to receive the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Award for International Understanding. This Award was handed over to Badshah Khan by India's President, Mr. V. V. Giri in 1967. Mahatma Gandhi respected Badshah Khan for his firm belief in the non-violent movement.