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In Rural India

The New Economic Programme aimed at providing economic and social justice to the rural poor. Rigorous implementation of land ceiling laws made available surplus land for distribution to the landless peasants. Minimum wages were upgraded to benefit the poor. Moratorium on rural debts brought immediate relief to millions living in rural areas. The new economic programme introduced several schemes to help the poor live a dignified life.

A House of Your Own (Ghar Apna)

A film about housing shows the work done by the Housing& Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) established in 1970. HUDCO has developed a scheme which aims at providing housing facilities to the people in lower income groups.

Grow More Food

Film about growing kitchen gardens by which we can grow more food.

Care of The Ear

The human ear needs to be protected from all physical injuries and infections. Infection of the internal ear can cause deafness, vomiting or vertigo. While cautioning people against taking recourse to strange home remedies or consulting quacks, this film shows care of the ear is taken scientifically. It also warns against the harmful noise pollution.

Veer Savarkar

A shorter version of the biographical film on India's revolutionary freedom fighter, Veer Savarkar spanning the period from his birth until India's independence.

The Story of Aundh

Once a small princely state, Aundh now is in the Satara district of Maharashtra. The hired farm hands and marginal cultivators of Aundh and the nearby villages depended mainly on the rain-gods and the money-lenders. Although situated near the Western Ghats, it is a drought-prone region, making people's life harsh, and harsher. After 25 years of independence, modern banking finally came to Aundh in 1972. One more nationalised bank was established in 1977.This film presents individuals who were benefited by these banks set up under the 20-Point Programme to uplift the lot of the poor.

NM0041 : in Quest of Sporting Excellence

The Ninth Asian Games in New Delhi. It was during these games that P. T. Usha laid claim to the title of the second fastest woman spinster in Asia by winning silver medals in the 100 and 200-metre races. The film presents the achievements of P. T. Usha. Talkie includes: P. T. Usha, Nambiar, Vandana Rao, Rajinder Singh, Director General, Sports Authority of India, A. C. Jose, Presdient, Kerala Sports Council. It also shows the Ranji Trophy Celebrations.

Never Say Die

An informational film about the institutions engaged in welfare activities for the physically handicapped in India. To encourage and help the physically handicapped, Government of India has set up vocational rehabilitation centres through the country.

May All Be Blessed (Sharabatt The Bhala)

Inspired by preaching’s of the Sikh Gurus a simple Sikh goes around India and after visiting Sikh Gurudwaras established all over the country, expresses his feelings about Sikh peoples' immense love for their country.

K. D. Singh ( Babu )

This short film gives an account of the outstanding achievements in the field of hockey by Shri. Babu and presents a few glimpses of his personal life.