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"1. SOARING INTO SPACE: Sriharikota, the nation prepares to launch an advanced developmental satellite, Pre-launching operations in the presence of the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N. T. Rama Rao and others. (Talkie)
2. THE NATIONAL SCENE: PM VISITS JAMMU & KASHMIR: Mrs. Gandhi at Leh, Kargil and Udhampur. She addresses the defence forces.


"A DREAM FULFILLED: India's first atomic power plant at Tarapur goes into operation. The Rs. 600 mn, US aided project has a total generating capacity of 400 mw of electricity.
2. SHIPS FOR THE NAVY: ""Poshak, the first Avcat tanker to be built in India, at Bombay's Mazagon dock Also at Calcutta, a colourful ceremony marks the launching of the Navy boat 'Amar' made by the Garden Reach Works.


"1. PRESIDENT'S GOOD WILL VISIT: Brioni, Yugoslavia. President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Begum Abida Ahmed are welcomed by President and Madame Tito. Indian President receives an honorary degree of Doctor of Law from the University of Pristina.
2. A NEW DEAL: Gandhi Jayanti day marks a new beginning for the weaker section of society. Some 10,000 people from 78 villages in Hyderabad Dist. and slum dwellers from the twin cities receive house site 'pattas'.

Diary on Bangladesh (INR)

This film on Bangladesh has been made from the many Indian News Reviews produced by the Films Division. Included in this film are the atrocities committed by the West Pakistani army on innocent civilians of the then East Pakistan, the mass exodus, the imprisonment of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the declaration of independent Bangladesh.

An Avergreen Story ( Kahani Har Jamane Ki) Based on Panchtantra

Based on a Panchtantra tale, this film shows how a cry of a child can make a noble soul, still nobler.

A New Dawn

This is a film on Dandakaranya, one of the many projects in India for the resettlement of displaced families.

Abode of Clouds

Considering the geo-physical isolation as well as socio-economic condition of this region it is necessary to extend wider exposure of socio-cultural and economic activities including tourism product of the state.

A Silent Art

A film is about the Indian pantomime - the art of gestures, movement and expression, where no spoken words are used. In India, the art of mime comes from Bharat's Natya Shastra, but its evolution as an art form for full-length presentation is of recent origin. This film presents an ardent exponent of mime, Jagesh Datta and the Jagesh Mime Academy established by him in Calcutta. This institute is affiliated both to the Central Sangeet Natak Academy and Rabindra Bharati University.

A Growing House

A film focussing on the activities of the National Building Organisation (NBO) which attempts to provide houses for poor families in small towns and villages. NBO is engaged in developing low cost housing.

Indian Talkie

While drawing the history of the Indian talkie which began in1931 with the first sound film Alam Ara, this film includes interviews of the veterans of the Indian film industry, such asJairaj, LV Prasad, JBH Wadia, Sohrab Modi, Satyajit Ray,Raj Kapoor, BR Chopra, Mrinal Sen, Tarachand Barjatia and BasuBhattacharya. LV Prasad : "I joined Imperial Film Compnay in theyear 1930. I acted in Alam Ara. Well, after finishing the picture, when I went to see it, I think it was in Majestic cinema, I saw people thrilled. Previously they used to see only silent pictures.