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At The Helm

This T. V. film deals with Mrs. Indira Gandhi's role as Prime Minister of India since January 1966. It was meant to create a proper image of our Prime Minister in Japan before she visited that country in June 1969.

Friendship for Peace and Progress

The film about the Indo-Soviet friendship that has given India several industrial projects either through joint-ventures or aid, such as Brauni Refinery in Bihar, Bhilai and Bokaro still plants etc. Around 70 industrial projects had been set up with Soviet technical and economic collaboration. Power projects set up with the Soviet assistance accounted for 20% of the total power generation in the country. The Suratgarh farm in the heart of the Rajasthan desert was India's first major mechanised state farm which emerged through Indo-Soviet co-operation.

A Day With Beggars

The film campaigning against beggary, a social evil. We spend Rs.10.1 million every day or Rs.3910 million every year. Society should, as this film advocates, evolve ways to prevent beggary as this evil cannot be eradicated by laws only, though many states have passed a law against beggary.

Therayattam ( Worship Dances of Malabar )

One of the oldest forms of organized dance worship in north Malabar of Kerala is the "Therayattam". The performers can improvise the dance to suit the occasion.

Skin in The Bin

A campaigner for keeping the city clean. Through wit and humour, it portrays the typical problems faced by a city-dweller, whenever he moves around through filthy surroundings. It stresses the necessity of throwing garbage and waste into the bins and boxes provided and maintain cleanliness.

Ode To The Child

Through William Wordsworth's poem "Ode to the Child", this film underlines the importance of proper environment and understanding developed by adults that can help growth of a child's mind and body. The Child is father of Man; And I c could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural pietysaid Wordsworth.

NM0025 : Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup ( Football )

Calcutta was the venue of a fortnight third Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup International Football Tournament. It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at the Eden Gardens Stadium. Participating countries were India, China, Argentina, Hungary, Poland, etc. The Third Jawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup was claimed by Poland.

New Rhythms in Nagaland

Formerly a part of Assam, the Naga Hills and Tuensang Division became a full-fledged state of Nagaland of the Indian union in 1963. In the first ten years of statehood, Nagaland has moved forward steadily to join the mainstream of national progress.

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay - A Tribute to Her Life and Work

I left the highway of politics to step into the sideline of constructive work. Fieldwork with the artisans, the artists, those who create and produce that mankind may live and grow, no ton bread alone, but on things of beauty which uplift and raise us above the petty things of everyday life," said Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay. Born on April 3, 1903 in Mangalore, Kamala came in contact with the poet-actor Harindranath in Madras. They felling love and got married in 1919. Covering interviews with Kamaladevi herself, this film draws an interesting sketch of her life and work.

India's Struggle for Freedom - VIII : Poorna Swaraj

This Part 8 of the India's Struggle for Independence series covers the period from February 3, 1928 when the Simon Commission landed in Bombay till January 26, 1930, the day observed as Independence Day to achieve Poorna Swaraj or complete self-rule. On this day, the Indian National Congress appealed to people of India to take the following pledge: "We believe that it is the inalienable right of the Indian people as of any other people to have freedom and enjoy the fruits of their toil and have the necessities of life so that they may have full opportunities of growth.