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Thirty Five Years of Freedom

On the occasion of India's completion of thirty five years of independence, this film takes stock of the country's progress in various fields including agriculture, rural development,industry and infrastructural development, space, etc.Excerpts of speeches by : Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, etc. are covered.

The Flame Burns Bright (Subhash Chandra Bose)

The Film is on Subhash Chandra Bose, who founded the Indian National Army (INA) or the Azad Hind Fauz , of which he assumed personal command on 25th July, 1943 to fight the British imperialists. Its Supreme Command Headquarters was established at Rangoon.

Punjab Mata ( Vidyavati )

Khatkar Kalan, a village in the Punjab where Shahid Bhagat Singh was born. His mother Vidyavati whom every Indian honoured, lived here. The state of Punjab bestowed on her the affectionate title of Punjab Mata (Mother of Punjab). The film shows her last moments and her funeral procession from Delhi to Hussainiwala, where she was cremated.

Prithviraj ( Kapoor )

A biographical celluloid sketch of the thespian Prithviraj Kapoor, who was born on November 3, 1906 at Smundari near Peshawar now in Pakistan. As an unpaid extra in a film called "Challenge" Prithviraj took up the challenge of chalking out a screen career. When Hindi theatre was losing ground fast to the commercial cinema, Prithviraj plunged himself to revitalise the theatre. On January 15, 1944 Prithvi Theatre was inaugurated with a performance of Kalidasa's classic Shakuntala. This Theatre made many significant plays. Prithviraj was one of the greatest actors in Hindi films.

India's Struggle for Freedom : Martyrdom of Mahatma

On November 9, 1946 Mahatma Gandhi was campaigning in Noakhali to spread the message of tolerance and peace among people affected by religious riots. After independence Gandhiji was deeply pained to see Delhi enveloped in such riots. He went on fast on January 13, 1948. On January 30, 1948 as Gandhiji was going for his regular prayers, he was shot dead by Nathuram Godse. This film shows the time of the Mahatma's martyrdom.

Maa - The Story of An Unmarried Mother ( 1956 )

This film brings to light the little-known, yet one of the most human social problems of the country the problem of unmarried mothers and their children.

Look Before You Cross

An instructional film addressed to the general public to observe cautionary rules while traversing an unmanned level crossing. Circumstances under which accidents occur are shown to emphasise that people should observe level crossing rules for their own safety.

Jamnalal Bajaj Awards - 1981

Honouring the memory of a noted social reformer, humanitarian, and freedom fighter, the Jamnalal Bajaj Awards aim to promote the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. In 1920, Gandhiji accepted Jamnalal Bajaj as his fifth son. This film records the Awards function when Miss Amalprava Das of the Sarania Ashram, Gauhati received the 1981 Jamnalal Bajaj Award for outstanding contribution in the field of constructive work. For outstanding contribution for the upliftment of women and children Mrs. Rama Devi Gopabandhu Chaudhuri received this coveted award (1981).


"1. CALL FORNEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC ORDER: Belgrade, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is received by Madam Mila Planinc, President of the Yugoslavia Federal Executive Council. At Sava-Centre-Belgrade, Mrs. Gandhi delivers the prestigious Raul Prebisch lecture at the sixth session of UNCTAD. The theme of the lecture is peace and development. (Talkie) MRA GANDHI ADDRESSES YUGOSLAV FEDERAL ASSEMBLY. She is also invited to address a joint session of the Yugoslavia Federal Chamber and the Chamber of Republics and Provinces.

Five Year After

This film underlines through a story the importance of savings in the life a family. It can embark on a new life if there are savings at its disposal.