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"1. CALL FORNEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC ORDER: Belgrade, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is received by Madam Mila Planinc, President of the Yugoslavia Federal Executive Council. At Sava-Centre-Belgrade, Mrs. Gandhi delivers the prestigious Raul Prebisch lecture at the sixth session of UNCTAD. The theme of the lecture is peace and development. (Talkie) MRA GANDHI ADDRESSES YUGOSLAV FEDERAL ASSEMBLY. She is also invited to address a joint session of the Yugoslavia Federal Chamber and the Chamber of Republics and Provinces.

India's Struggle for Freedom : Together forever

A film is taking us into the history which shows how Muslims also fought for India's freedom and how they felt that they were together forever. It explores history right from the 1857 revolt. On the10th May, 1857 Indian soldiers revolted in Meerut and marched to Delhi. The next day, Bahadur Shah Zafar was declared Emperor of Hindustan. He asked the Hindus and Muslims to join hands in their fight for freedom which was the best of all the gifts of God.

India's Struggle for Freedom - X : Parleys and Broken Pacts

This Part 10 of the India's Struggle for Freedom series covers the period from May 1930 to December 1931. In 1930, the historic salt march led by Mahatma Gandhi had a great impact on the Indian political scene. In June 1930 the Simon Commission Report was published. The Round Table Conference opened in London on November 12, 1930. Gandhiji and Lord Irwin held talks between February 17 and March 5, 1931. The Round Table Conference was a failure. Gandhiji left England on December 5, completely disillusioned. He reached Bombay on December 20, 1931.


In 1947, during the kabali invasion several pandit Kashmiri's left Kashmir. This film is tracing the roots, culture, history of one of those families through 3 generations at a wedding.

India Independent

This film depicts India's prolonged struggle for freedom. It recreates on the screen the history of foreign rule in India for nearly two hundred years. The story of Indian patriots, from the time of the Mutiny of 1857 (the First War of Independence) to the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi is pictorially recorded.

For Freedom for Democracy

The film `For Freedom for Democracy' has been compiled from the various speeches made by the Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi, before and during the recent Indo-Pak conflict, on the colossal refugee problem to India and the fight for life and liberty by Bangladesh.


Janmabhoomi traces history of Kashmir and its secular nature from ancient times around 1000 BC.

A Two Minute Story

This short film surveys the rapid growth of broadcasting in India within the last few years. The radio was once the pleasure of a privileged few; today it is freely used by millions. In 1947, we had only six stations, but now there are 22 stations,

52nd Merchant Navy Week Celebrations

Film on 52nd National Maritime Day Celebration in Mumbai.

Indian New Wave, The : A Movement, A World, A Cinema (Bharatiy Cinema Ki Nayi Lahar)

A Young actor and budding filmmakers quest to understand the new wave movement in Indian Cinema, that flourished at a time and try to understand the reasons for the decline.