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"1. REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS: The two-day celebrations of the inauguration of the Indian Republic in Delhi culminated in a grand reception at the Moghul Gardens. Dr. Rajendra Prasad accompanied by Pandit Nehru walks into the garden and exchange greetings with the eminent guests including the President Soekarno of Indonesia. Functions in Bombay and Calcutta are also covered, participated by Governors and Chief Ministers. Delhi is very impressively illuminated.


"1. PANDIT NEHRU WITH PACIFISTS: Addressing the World Pacifists` Conference at Sewagram. He also delivered a convocation address at the Nagpur University.

Friendship for Peace and Progress

The film about the Indo-Soviet friendship that has given India several industrial projects either through joint-ventures or aid, such as Brauni Refinery in Bihar, Bhilai and Bokaro still plants etc. Around 70 industrial projects had been set up with Soviet technical and economic collaboration. Power projects set up with the Soviet assistance accounted for 20% of the total power generation in the country. The Suratgarh farm in the heart of the Rajasthan desert was India's first major mechanised state farm which emerged through Indo-Soviet co-operation.

With Hope in Their Hearts

Film depicts the incredible historic journey of the Indo-European tribes who under duress begun their long track from the steppes of Central Asia located along the Dnieper, Don and Volga rivers. The film also explores the impact of modernization on Aryan tribes and how these people are surviving in rapidly evolving modern societies.

On to Goa

A tourism promotion film familiarising the viewer about the historic and natural importance of this beautiful coastal place.

NM0050 : Towords International Understanding : A Plea for Peace

The six-nation summit held in New Delhi brings together the heads of Government of Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Tanzania, Greece, and India in an earnest attempt to launch a crusade to save humanity from nuclear annihilation. The one-day meeting of these nations is the first major step after the joint appeal originally addressed to the five nuclear weapon powers in May, 1984. Talkie: Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou of Greece, Prime Minister Ol of Palme of Sweden, President Julius Nyrere of Tanzania and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India.

New Rhythms in Nagaland

Formerly a part of Assam, the Naga Hills and Tuensang Division became a full-fledged state of Nagaland of the Indian union in 1963. In the first ten years of statehood, Nagaland has moved forward steadily to join the mainstream of national progress.

NM0327 : Symbol of Friendship

This News Magazine is reportage of Prime Minister Shri I.K. Gujral's bilateral to Nepal during first week of June 1997.