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NM0291 : A Celestial Tryst

It is a news magazine on the Solar Eclipse that took place on 24th October, 1995 and was seen across the breadth of the country from Diamond Harbour in the East to Nseem Ka Thana in the West by both Scientists and enthusiasts.

NM0229 : Nam Changing Prespectives

This News Magazine is reportage on the 10th Non-Aligned countries meet at Jakarta and the participation of Indian. It also reflects India's role in moulding the changing perspectives of NAM - Movement.

India's Struggle for Freedom : Merger of Princely States - A Challenge to The Nation

Soon after India got its independence, it faced the great challenge of joining all scattered princely states into the Union of India. The princely states were of various shapes and sizes. They varied in size from the large states such as Hyderabad and Kashmir to the smallest one which was less than 1 sq. km. in area with annual revenue of Rs.450 only. This film provides an interesting account of how all the princely states were finally united into one united state of independent India.

Fanatics (Duragrahi)

The film is probing the causes behind banning of communal organisations such as the RSS, Jamait-e-Islam and Anand Marg. "We are united and we will face all dangers within and without the country. It is my duty to see that nothing is done anywhere in any corner of the world which can cast any reflection on this character of the Indian people," says the late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

Thirty Years of Free India

India celebrated its three decades of independence in 1977. It has been a great struggle of nation-building after centuries of slavery.

Thirty Five Years of Freedom

On the occasion of India's completion of thirty five years of independence, this film takes stock of the country's progress in various fields including agriculture, rural development,industry and infrastructural development, space, etc.Excerpts of speeches by : Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, etc. are covered.

Nine Months to Freedom

The film showing at length the war of East Pakistan with West Pakistan which led to the formation of an independent state of Bangladesh.India had played a very crucial role in this war in supporting thenew state of Bangladesh. This film shows the impact of the war nine months.....

India's Struggle for Freedom - IV : Then Came Gandhi

Bombay, January 9, 1915. After two decades of momentous stay in South Africa, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi returned home. As Nehru later commented, "His coming was like a beam of light that pierced the darkness." This documentary narrates various events around Gandhiji's entry into the Indian political life. Gandhiji's first task was to lead the Champaran farmers' agitation against the British planters. Gandhi applied his 'satyagraha' strategy here.

India's Struggle for Freedom : Martyrdom of Mahatma

On November 9, 1946 Mahatma Gandhi was campaigning in Noakhali to spread the message of tolerance and peace among people affected by religious riots. After independence Gandhiji was deeply pained to see Delhi enveloped in such riots. He went on fast on January 13, 1948. On January 30, 1948 as Gandhiji was going for his regular prayers, he was shot dead by Nathuram Godse. This film shows the time of the Mahatma's martyrdom.

India's Struggle for Freedom : We The People of India

Part of the Freedom Struggle film series, this film culminates with the signing of the Constitution of India, which was the realization of a ninety-year long struggle for independence. This film traces the history of evolution and framing of the Constitution of India.