Imaginary Line

"Imaginary Line" is a fiction film about a film - maker and his unit going to Manipur from Delhi, to short a film and rush back within a dead line. The shooting never happens till the end and in the process contrasted wtih the fantastic and realisti

Guru Babu - Man of Classical Manipuri Dance

Biographical documentary film based on life history of Guru Babu, classical Manipuri dancer.

Gandhi Dharam

Children and teenagers express the relevance of Gandhiji's philosophy in todays context.

Ek Tha Kaua

The film depicts the various ways by which we are polluting our precious water resources. Even the crow hesitates to drink our water.

Ek Kadam Aur

The film is about how the citizens are responsible for the garbage that accumulates around the garbage container kept on road. The outside garbage is thrown outside the garbage container. Proper use of garbage container can make our India clean.

Ecstasy of Gourd

A documentary on the making of musical instrument like sitar, tanpura, veena etc. using Gourd as the base.

Destination Bombay

A short tourism promotion film on the city of Bombay, the Gateway of India. The film introduces to the viewer the kind of facilities which Bombay offers such as its hotels, its shopping centres, its night life, beaches, etc., while describing at length the history of the Elephanta caves.

Views and Visions

Through the eyes of eminent Scholars, Politicians, Historians Social Workers, Journalists and Common man we asses the success and failures during the last 50 years of Independence.


Film is on Qawwali, a typical Indian form of Music. It traces the evolution of Qawwali from its modest begins nearly seven century. It is a devotional form of Music.

Parliament Library

The film depicts the technique, engineering skill, art and creativity involved for the construction of the "Parliament Library Building".