Songs, Colours and Market

Film is about Patachitra Paintings in rural West Bengal, where images of Hindu gods are made by Muslim community.


Pongal is the festival celebration of harvesting in Tamilnadu.

NM0352 : Modern Art 1947-1997

This News Magazine shows the highlights of fifty years of Modern Art in Mumbai. The objective of this exhibition was to delineate the stylistic changes that have taken place over the last five decades.

NM0431 : Thakurani Jatra - Procession of Goddess Kali

This film is about the unique ethnic rituals observed in summer nights by the people of Ganjam district in south Orissa. This is popularly known as Thakurani Jatra that is procession of goddess Kali, the supreme primordial energy of the universe.

Kumbh Mela (Nasik - 2003)

Kumbh Mela - A sea of pilgrims and saints congregate at Nasik every 12 years for salvation.

A Luminous Jewel ( Birju Maharaj )

The film depicts the life and art of dancing of Pandit Birju Maharaj, the eminent dancer of Indian classical style.


The strong hands have limitless abilities, infinite possibilities, to do everything from pulling the strings of hearts, filling dreams with colors. Hands can create anything to make life easier, But! Not always, the creativity can even kill the aesthetic sense and peace in human life. Out of search in peace and serenity the hands destroys its own creation and prays for healthy and peaceful living.

Onam - Festival of Nostalgia

Film is collage of colourful rituals and grand festivals, folk and martial art forms scenes from the closely knitted family gatherings to community at large presented with nostalgia things in its narration.