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Circulars / Orders

Circulars / Orders
SL. No. Title Details
1 Order of Appointments Committee of the Cabinet for Shri Sitanshu Ranjan Kar dated 10.03.2019. Download (5.52 KB) pdf
2 Seeking comments/views/suggestions on the draft proposal for amendment in All India Radio, Civil Construction Wing (Group-A & B posts) Recruitment Rules, 1988, 1990 & 1995 Download (1.55 MB) pdf
3 Promotion of SOs to US (Gr. I) of CSS on ad-hoc basis Download (387.95 KB) pdf
4 Cadre restructuring of CSSS Download (1.51 MB) pdf
5 Cadre restructuring of CSS Download (1.08 MB) pdf
6 Cadre restructuring of CSSS Download (1.51 MB) pdf
7 Inviting applications for assistance under DCD Scheme of Film Wing for participation in Film Festivals abroad Download (3.04 MB) pdf
8 Appointment of Assistant Section Officers of CSS Cadre of M/o I & B as Section Officers on regular basis. Download (1.02 MB) pdf
9 Appointment of Ms. Jyoti Mehta (IOFS:1994) as Director under Central Staffing Scheme in the M/o Information & Broadcasting. Download (891.45 KB) pdf