Thirty Fifth All India Police Games - 1986

A film recording various events that took place during the game shield at the different stadia in New Delhi during the 35th All India Police Games. At the closing ceremony, the contingents of all Central and State Police Organisations received prizes from Arun Nehru, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

NM0025 : Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup ( Football )

Calcutta was the venue of a fortnight third Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup International Football Tournament. It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at the Eden Gardens Stadium. Participating countries were India, China, Argentina, Hungary, Poland, etc. The Third Jawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup was claimed by Poland.

NM0041 : in Quest of Sporting Excellence

The Ninth Asian Games in New Delhi. It was during these games that P. T. Usha laid claim to the title of the second fastest woman spinster in Asia by winning silver medals in the 100 and 200-metre races. The film presents the achievements of P. T. Usha. Talkie includes: P. T. Usha, Nambiar, Vandana Rao, Rajinder Singh, Director General, Sports Authority of India, A. C. Jose, Presdient, Kerala Sports Council. It also shows the Ranji Trophy Celebrations.

K. D. Singh ( Babu )

This short film gives an account of the outstanding achievements in the field of hockey by Shri. Babu and presents a few glimpses of his personal life.

NM0113 : The 3rd Saf Games

Calcutta, the venue of the third South Asian Federation Games, The event is opened by Mr. R. Venkataraman, President of India. The Games Flame is brought in by Milkha Singh, an ace runner. Leslie Claudius lights the flame. Then comes the march past of the participating teams from the seven SAARC countries. The mascot of the 3rd SAF Games is brought in. Various games include 400 meters run for women, table tennis, shot put, boxing, fly weight class, women's long jump, 400 - meter hurdles for women, weight lifting, etc. The championship trophy is received by the Indian team.

NM0120 : The Great Freedom Run

Saturday, the 27th February, 1988. All roads of Delhi lead to Vijay Chowk. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi arrives to flag off the historic run. P. T. Usha hands over the torch of freedom to the Prime Minister. The outstanding sportspersons who have won laurels for the country in national and international sports events are honoured by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister flags off the Delhi Marathon, 1988. He also participates in the run. National Stadium is the destination of the marathon runners.

NM0098 : Unique Expedition

December 4, 1986. Large crowds gathered on the banks of the Brahmaputra at Dibrugarh, to wish the two brave youths - Salam Biswas of Bengal and Shyamalesh Roy of Assam, who have constructed a vehicle capable of operating on both land and water. The two boys had to chart out their 980-km long route along the Brahmaputra from Dibrugarh to Dhubri. The film covers their adventurous journey. This expedition helped cover the message of love...

9th Asian Games

India (New Delhi) was the venue of the first Asian Games held in March 1951. Eleven countries sent 489 competitors to these Games. India fielded an athletic contingent of 49 and bagged 10golds, one short of the top performer - Japan. In the wake of the 1951 Asian Games came a renaissance in sports and games as this film reiterates while presenting the history of the Asian Games. New Delhi again becomes the venue of the IX Asian Games in November 1982. This film presents various activities of how India is getting ready to host the event.

Khalasis of malabar - Men who move mountains

There is a saying in Malayalam ‘Othupidichal Malayum Porum’. This translates as ‘team work can move mountains’. Anyone who has seen the Khalasis of Malabar region in action will feel the ring of truth in this saying. Watching the Khalasis at work is an amazing experience. The heavy objects they handle could be a ship to be launched or a huge girder weighing tonnes. The dexterity of the Khalasis ensures that the work proceeds steadily and smoothly. The simple tools they use are designed and put together by themselves according to the situation.


The film is an authentic record of the successful Everest Expedition of 1965 sponsored by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and led by Lieutenant Commander M. S. Kohli. It shows the preparations, approach march, route marking on ice-fall and the final assault on the summit by four teams.