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NM0151 : Friendly Ties, Shared Values

"Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, June 6, 1989. President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe extends warm welcome to the President of India, R. Venkataraman who is accompanied by his wife. The Indian community in Zimbabwe gathers at the airport to give a homely cheer to the visiting President.
June 7: A salute to the memory of freedom fighters at Heroes Acre. At a state banquet, President of Zimbabwe delivers a speech followed by the Indian President's..
June 8: Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. President Dr.Kenneth Kaunda welcomes the Indian dignitaries. They visit Chilenje House which had sheltered Dr Kaunda during the turbulent days of the freedom movement.
June 9: Ndola, the capital of Cooper belt Province. President R. Venkataraman is accorded a reception by the Indian community, Speeches by Dr. Kaunda and the Indian President, Onwards to Dar-e-Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, Speeches by Presidents of two countries.