Baavra Mann- A Film on Sudhir Mishra and other Realities

This film is a full length documentary feature on the life and work of filmmaker Sudhir Mishra and using this prism to examine the declining creative and cultural scene in India. The film uses his imperfect filmography and trenchant self-critical worldview to throw some light on why fulfilling one's potential in this line of work can be such a tall order---but often a fun ride.

A House of Your Own (Ghar Apna)

A film about housing shows the work done by the Housing& Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) established in 1970. HUDCO has developed a scheme which aims at providing housing facilities to the people in lower income groups.

India's Struggle for Freedom : Together forever

A film is taking us into the history which shows how Muslims also fought for India's freedom and how they felt that they were together forever. It explores history right from the 1857 revolt. On the10th May, 1857 Indian soldiers revolted in Meerut and marched to Delhi. The next day, Bahadur Shah Zafar was declared Emperor of Hindustan. He asked the Hindus and Muslims to join hands in their fight for freedom which was the best of all the gifts of God.

India's Struggle for Freedom - X : Parleys and Broken Pacts

This Part 10 of the India's Struggle for Freedom series covers the period from May 1930 to December 1931. In 1930, the historic salt march led by Mahatma Gandhi had a great impact on the Indian political scene. In June 1930 the Simon Commission Report was published. The Round Table Conference opened in London on November 12, 1930. Gandhiji and Lord Irwin held talks between February 17 and March 5, 1931. The Round Table Conference was a failure. Gandhiji left England on December 5, completely disillusioned. He reached Bombay on December 20, 1931.

You and The Blackout

The film depicts how in times of hostilities the general public can cooperate to effect a successful blackout. It clearly points out what a house holder should do to control lights in his home, on his motorcar, scooter or bycycle.

We Have Promises To Keep

On 26th of June, 1975 the state of emergency was declared by the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This film collects reactions of cross-section of people about changes brought about by the Emergency for their benefit. The film also includes an interview with the Prime Minister.

This Bit of That India

A film informing about training and research facilities available in India for foreign students.

The World of Jatin Das

This film depicts the life and art of India's most colourful artist shri Jatin Das, who has been painting for the past almost five decades.

The Temple Nagaswaram

Nagaswaram is one of the oldest musical instruments, spanning both the temple-ritual context and the concert platform called the Mangala Vadhyam, it is also played in marriages and auspicious occasions.


A story of seven families belonging to scheduled castes andtribes and how their life was transformed by the aid renderedby a nationalised bank. Nationalised banks gave loans to theweaker sections of society to make them self-reliant under the20-Point Programme of the Prime Minister Indiara Gandhi.