NM0120 : The Great Freedom Run

Saturday, the 27th February, 1988. All roads of Delhi lead to Vijay Chowk. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi arrives to flag off the historic run. P. T. Usha hands over the torch of freedom to the Prime Minister. The outstanding sportspersons who have won laurels for the country in national and international sports events are honoured by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister flags off the Delhi Marathon, 1988. He also participates in the run. National Stadium is the destination of the marathon runners.

NM0098 : Unique Expedition

December 4, 1986. Large crowds gathered on the banks of the Brahmaputra at Dibrugarh, to wish the two brave youths - Salam Biswas of Bengal and Shyamalesh Roy of Assam, who have constructed a vehicle capable of operating on both land and water. The two boys had to chart out their 980-km long route along the Brahmaputra from Dibrugarh to Dhubri. The film covers their adventurous journey. This expedition helped cover the message of love...

India's Struggle for Freedom : Merger of Princely States - A Challenge to The Nation

Soon after India got its independence, it faced the great challenge of joining all scattered princely states into the Union of India. The princely states were of various shapes and sizes. They varied in size from the large states such as Hyderabad and Kashmir to the smallest one which was less than 1 sq. km. in area with annual revenue of Rs.450 only. This film provides an interesting account of how all the princely states were finally united into one united state of independent India.

Habits Die Hard

Both in urban and rural areas, one quite often see people spitting anywhere and everywhere. Such an act is indecent and unaesthetic.It is also responsible for the spread of diseases. This film attempts to educate people against spitting indiscriminately. They should make use of spittoons or drains, etc. for spitting. They should also cover their mouth with a handkerchief while coughing. Habits die hard, but "one is never too old."

Fanatics (Duragrahi)

The film is probing the causes behind banning of communal organisations such as the RSS, Jamait-e-Islam and Anand Marg. "We are united and we will face all dangers within and without the country. It is my duty to see that nothing is done anywhere in any corner of the world which can cast any reflection on this character of the Indian people," says the late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

Sax In The City

The film is set around an elderly musician and his fresh middle age student.

You Said It

The role of common man in democracy is the subject matter of the film. The film also enlists the duties and responsibilities of a citizen.


Yakshagana is a rich folk dance-drama of Karnataka in South India. This theatre form is over five centuries old. This film examines the salient features of this art form and its historical background.Yakshagana still continues to entertain people with tales of romance, adventure, intrigue - from the great Hindu epics and legends. Earlier days, the Yakshagana theatre was known as Bhagavatara attar, which revolved round the stories of Lord Krishna and Vishnu.

Tribal Dances

Tribal dances with magnificent music by drums and pipes of Kulu valley others parts of North India.

Towards Cleaner Cities ( Cleaner Cities )

Baby elephant Appu, the mascot of of Asiad'82 visits the city of Asiad'82 and asks its citizens to keep the city clean.