Thirty Fifth All India Police Games - 1986

A film recording various events that took place during the game shield at the different stadia in New Delhi during the 35th All India Police Games. At the closing ceremony, the contingents of all Central and State Police Organisations received prizes from Arun Nehru, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Thunder of Freedom

This film shows how the country was beset with the problems such as communal riots and violence prior to the proclamation of the Emergency and how things have changed for the better during Emergency.

The Hidden Enemy

An instructional film appealing to the public to be careful in buying food stuff, medicines or any other daily consumable items because it can be adulterated. It shows certain methods of by which consumers can ensure themselves against such adulteration.

Tears and Smiles

The Sri Lankan ethnic crisis took a violent turn in July 1983. Thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils started fleeing their country and took refuge on the Indian soil. On humanitarian grounds India gave them shelter, food, clothing and all other facilities, and also made prolonged efforts to mediate between warring factions and the Sri Lankan government for a political solution. This eventually resulted in the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord. As per the agreement, India started repatriating Sri Lankan refugees back to their soil as normalcy prevailed.

Taming of Snows

The Himalayas dominate the northern frontiers of India from Ladakh in the North West to Arunachal in the North East. The Himalayan region has the greatest concentration of snows and glaciers outside the Polar region. Millions of our people live the Himalayan valley. Our soldiers guard the high Himalayan Mountains. The calm and splendour of these mountains can at times be deceptive. With heavy snow fall grows the danger of avalanches. When avalanche strikes, it can spell disaster.

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

This is a Promotional film on Senior Citizen Saving Scheme of National Saving Institute, Ministry of Finance.

NM0480: 11th SARRC Summit

The 11th S.A.A.R.C. (South Asian Association for Regional Conference) summit conference of heads of state or government of seven S.A.A.R.C. nations. India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanks, Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan were participated in Kathmandu from 4th Jan to 6th 2002. Terrorism was the prominent agenda at the Kathmandu summit. Apart from this the meet had also signed two conventions on regional arrangements for the promotion of child welfare in South Asia and S.A.A.R.C. convention on preventing and combating crime against trafficking in women and children for prostitution.

NM0249 : India - China Growing Amity

This News Magazine highlights Shri. P. V. Narasimha Rao's four day official visit to China. Several agreements were signed on various issues between China and India.

NM0230 : Friendship France : India

The News Magazine is reportage of Prime Minister Shri. P.V. Narasimha Rao's 3 day visit to France. It presents the high level takes between India talks between India and France in Political, economic, cultural and scientific fields.

NM0155 : Nam Belgrade to Belgrade

"Belgrade 1961, the first non-alignment summit conference, Yugoslav President Marshal Tito, India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, President Sukarno of Indonesia, President Nasser of Egypt and Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana - lay the foundation for the future of the Non- Aligned Movement. The concept of Panchsheel found a clear expression in the non-alignment.