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Community Radio Stations

Community Radio Stations
S. No. Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
51 Policy Guidelines for setting up Community Radio Stations in India (updated dated 04/12/2006) Download (55.45 KB) pdf 13/12/2016
52 List of Organisations Selected for organizing Community Radio activities Download (236.38 KB) pdf 12/12/2016
53 Fresh Security clearance before renewal of Grant of Permission Agreement (GOPA) for next 5 years to establish maintain and operate Community Radio Station - regarding Download (701.17 KB) pdf 12/12/2016
54 DAVP rates for Advertisement on Community Radio Stations Download (131.83 KB) pdf 12/12/2016
55 Press Release permitting the existing Community Radio Station operators for Broadcasting Advertisements as per the New Guidelines issued in december 2006 Download (213.51 KB) pdf 12/12/2016