Through The Eyes of Painter

Made by M. F. Hussain who belongs to the progressive group of painters, this experimental film presents the painter's images of Rajasthan, through cinema.

Kailash At Ellora

The grandeur of the rock-cut carvings of the Kailash temple in the Ellora caves is highlighted in this film Situated 18 miles north west of Aurangabad, these caves still remain an architectural marvel even today.

Healthy and Happy (Swasthya Aur Sananda)

By observing simple rules of hygiene and sanitation, sickness and disease can be banished and this is what the cartoon, meant for audience in rural areas, attempts to depict. While explaining the two important aspects of rural sanitation - clean and safe drinking water and the use of sanitary latrines, the film also depicts the proper methods of constructing sanitary wells and latrines.

And I Make Short Films

This is an impressionistic portrayal of short film making by a shortfilm maker. The views expressed in the film are sometimes bitter,often humorous, at times satirical but seldom complimentary.

Wild But Friendly

India is rich in wild life with several sanctuaries for the preservation of bird and animal life. This film shows the various species of fauna in the country. It is primarily meant for T.V. audiences.


The film is an authentic record of the successful Everest Expedition of 1965 sponsored by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and led by Lieutenant Commander M. S. Kohli. It shows the preparations, approach march, route marking on ice-fall and the final assault on the summit by four teams.

Poovanam or Flower Garden

A tourist film is on South India showing various places of touristic interest in Madras, Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Goa. The film shows some of the important festivals like Onam in Kerala and Dussera in Mysore.

Homage to the Teacher

The film shows the role of school teachers and the importance thereof.

Amrita Sher Gil

The film depicts the life and paintings of Amrita Sher Gil, one of the foremost artists of India, who died at a very early age of 28 years.