Soaring High

This is a story in film on the development of gliding in India. Gliding centres have been set up in places like Poona, Banglore etc. and gliders are now being manufactured in India to make gliding cheaper and within the reach of more people.

Janata College

The film depicts how the Janata College scheme attempts to equip our sons of soil with an all-round education and to foster new attitudes in life, useful for the new social order.

The Vital force

Set in a village in South India, the film is the story of the villager's contribution to the national effort to produce more, to mobilize all available resources and to defend their village and the country.

The Charter

The film describes the objectives of the United Nations Charter and the functions of various limbs of the world organisation.

For More Milk in The Hills

The film shows the improvement in the breed and milk yield of hill cows as a result of cross-breading with Jersey bulls through artificial insemination. Twelve cross-breeding units in India have helped to artificially inseminate about 10,000 hill cows, enabling the simple hill people to improve their means of livelihood with more and better milk and sturdier and healthier cattle.

Pine Resin Industry in U. P.

The film deals with the pine resin industry in India.


"A DREAM FULFILLED: India's first atomic power plant at Tarapur goes into operation. The Rs. 600 mn, US aided project has a total generating capacity of 400 mw of electricity.
2. SHIPS FOR THE NAVY: ""Poshak, the first Avcat tanker to be built in India, at Bombay's Mazagon dock Also at Calcutta, a colourful ceremony marks the launching of the Navy boat 'Amar' made by the Garden Reach Works.

A New Dawn

This is a film on Dandakaranya, one of the many projects in India for the resettlement of displaced families.


"1. SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL: All England pays tribute to Sir Winston Churchill. Statesmen of the world and Queen Elizabeth of England attend the funeral service.
2. MARTYRS' DAY: January 30, 1965 - Martyrs' Day and the 17th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. At Rajghat, President pays homage to the Father of the Nation. A nation- wide two minute silence is observed.
3. LAJPATRAI CENTENARY: Prime Minister opens a memorial library-cum-community hall in the Dhudike Punjab, Lalaji's birth place.


"1. A DEDICATED LIFE: January 23 - birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose. Exhibition of photographs shows his life-history (Talkie).
2. WINDOW ON INDIA: Bharat Darshan - an Indian Industrial Exhibition in Kathmandu – opens a 'window on India'.
3. EXPANDING COMMUNICATIONS: P&K Week held recently all over the country. Service at the Trunk Exchange is facilitated by the system of booking by tickets.