Before 1950


"1. REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS: The two-day celebrations of the inauguration of the Indian Republic in Delhi culminated in a grand reception at the Moghul Gardens. Dr. Rajendra Prasad accompanied by Pandit Nehru walks into the garden and exchange greetings with the eminent guests including the President Soekarno of Indonesia. Functions in Bombay and Calcutta are also covered, participated by Governors and Chief Ministers. Delhi is very impressively illuminated.


"1. PANDIT NEHRU WITH PACIFISTS: Addressing the World Pacifists` Conference at Sewagram. He also delivered a convocation address at the Nagpur University.

A.B.C. of A.R.P.

Instructional film explaining, how to maintain blackout during of emergency and road safety.

Grow More Food

Film about growing kitchen gardens by which we can grow more food.

Tribal Dances

Tribal dances with magnificent music by drums and pipes of Kulu valley others parts of North India.

India Independent

This film depicts India's prolonged struggle for freedom. It recreates on the screen the history of foreign rule in India for nearly two hundred years. The story of Indian patriots, from the time of the Mutiny of 1857 (the First War of Independence) to the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi is pictorially recorded.